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3E’s wide course selection and custom programming, developed by Canadian founder (Ph.D. in Italian Studies) promotes increased cultural awareness and keeps students in step with the changing face of the European Union.


3E lets you choose your own adventure! Each program offers a spectacular array of extra-curricular activities and planned weekend excursions to help you make the most of your overseas experience.


3E takes care of living arrangements, meals, health insurance, and travel expenses, so you can exchange opinions and opportunities with other members of the international community in a safe and reliable setting.

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Our Florence program highlights the best the city has to offer, complementing it with an insider’s view that goes beyond the main tourism circuit and focuses on the city’s rich history.

This program is ideal for students wishing to live the “real” Italy in a natural and organic setting focused on authentic human interaction, slow food, and the enjoyment of life’s many small pleasures.

Let us plan the program your school or university needs. Choose the location, dates, budget, and course for your program, and we take care of the rest.

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