Meet the 3E family

A value-driven and family-run educational program

Triple E Travel is a family-run educational program that aims to promote the values that define it: Education, Experience, and Exchange. Founded in 2016 by husband and wife team of Italian Studies and Public Operations specialists, it was conceived as an accumulation of the studies and experiences of its creators in Italian travel, food, art, literature, history, government, architecture, film, theatre, and overall culture. Its central mandate is to immerse its young participants in a current and authentic version of Italy through a range of courses and activities from language classes to weekend excursions around the Italian peninsula.

When choosing Triple E Travel, you are choosing accredited specialists in the field of Italian studies, who design and deliver extraordinary academic content, experienced and enthusiastic counsellors that prepare and supervise extracurricular activities, outings, and group events, and the collaboration of a wide range of renowned local service providers who lead by example in their commitment to high quality food, transportation, health care guided tours, and more.

The 3E approach represents the combination, to their maximum potential, of the elements of international travel and exchange most central and formative to growing critical minds.

3E programs are designed to pick up where the classroom leaves off, providing real-life settings for the application and illustration of theory-based and interdisciplinary learning.

Tania Zampini

Founder and Educational Director
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Nicola Bianchi

Founder and Operations Director
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