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Many elements liken the fabric of Italian cities to American cities. But in myriad other ways, they are as distinct among each other as they are from their European or North American counterparts. Urban Attitudes and Pop Culture is 3E’s first course customized for and tailored to the city in which it will be given. Students will not only examine examples of popular culture in television series, films, and music, but they will also draw direct comparisons to the trends that characterize their own hometown’s urban aesthetic through the observation and analysis of local fashion, street art, and the larger values they promote. Their findings will culminate in an end of term presentation and creative project aiming to marry their own concept of “urbanity” with that of their host location, posing questions about the role of Otherness in fashion and urban attitudes, the importance – or lack – of cultural conformity to pop culture movements and interests, and the evolution of style over time and in response to socioeconomic and geographic factors.