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25 Oct 2019

Halloween Tombola

This Halloween, we’re doing something a little different. Rather than showcase an Italian ghost story, as we have in past years, we’ve put together a Halloween version of Tombola (Bingo): a beloved Christmas-time game among Italians. Below are easy-to-follow instructions for fun with the whole family.

Buon divertimento!

3E Tombola Halloween vocabolario
3E Halloween 2019 SCHEDE TOMBOLA
3E Halloween 2019 PALLINE TOMBOLA




  1. Print (double-sided) and cut out all parts (wallet size flashcards, six individual game boards, 55 coloured dots).
  2. Using the wallet-size flashcards, review the 54 Halloween vocabulary words with your family.


  1. Place all the wallet-size flashcards in a large bowl and mix them up. Then distribute a game board and 9 coloured dots to every player in your family. Choose whether you would like to practice word recognition (henceforth WR — play with game boards word-face up) or vocabulary acquisition (henceforth VA — play with game boards image-face up).
  2. Draw a wallet-size flashcard from the bowl. If you are playing WR, show the image on the flashcard to your family; if you are playing VA, read the word on the flashcard out loud without showing your family the image. If the image/word appears on your game board, cover it with a coloured dot.
  3. Repeat until someone has covered all the images/words on their game boards. That person wins!

Abbreviated version:

  • Play until a member of your family has covered a row or a column of the words or images on their game board.
  • Play until a member of your family has covered all the words or images on their game board that can easily be grouped into the same micro- category (eg: tomba – cimitero – Il Cupo Mietitore — tombstone – cemetery – The Grim Reaper. These words can easily be lumped into the same category). The winning family member must explain and justify the category to which they are referring.

Note: If the Joker Card (“Jolly”) is drawn, every family member will have the right to cover one image/word on their game board if they so choose.

Bonus game: Go Fish (Memory and Consolidation)

Shuffle the 55 wallet-size flashcards and deal them to every member of your family.

The objective of the game is to make as many “micro-categories” as possible by combining related cards, either your own or held by your family members. Every round, players take turns “fishing” for the cards they will need to make their micro-categories. To repeat the above example, if you have The Grim Reaper, you might ask your family member for the cemetery, skeleton, or tombstone cards. Each player can only ask one other player for a card per turn. Each player’s turn continues until their request for a card is denied (ex: Laura asks ben for The Grim Reaper. He has it, so he gives it to her. Laura then asks John for the cemetery card. He doesn’t have it, so Laura’s turn is over. It is now Ben’s turn.)

The first person to make a micro-category of at least four cards wins, but they must justify/explain their micro-category!