Italia a portata di mano

The first episode of our Italian language podcast.
10 Feb 2019

In bocca al lupo!

Our Italian language podcast is up and running and we’d like to offer our first five episodes for free, right on our website.

This, our first, takes a deeper look at an idiom we explored in S2E1 of Idiomthèque: “In bocca al lupo,” or the traditional way Italians wish each other good luck. Listen in for an explanation of this expression’s roots, a closer look at the subjunctive mode in action, a retelling of the story of Remus and Romulus — or the founding of Rome — and my very own wolf-inspired short story. We recommend it for Intermediate learners of Italian.

If you like what you hear and would like more information about my short story and the verb tenses I use to tell it (passato prossimo, passato remoto, imperfetto, presente dell’Indicativo, presente del Congiuntivo), leave a comment below or send us your e-mail address to subscribe to our mailing list, where we offer our followers more free content.

If you are not yet familiar with our Idiomthèque webseries, have a look over at our YouTube channel! You’ll find the first episode of season 2 (In bocca al lupo) below.

Buon ascolto, buona visione e a presto!

Italia a portata di mano ep.1