Italia a portata di mano:

Episode 4: L'ombelico del mondo
22 Mar 2019

L’ombelico del mondo

Where would you place the belly button of the world, and what would that expression mean to you? To me — and to Jovanotti (Lorenzo Cherubini), who wrote a whole song about it — l’ombelico del mondo is a place where everything you know converges from a series of previously disconnected dots to one solid truth. A place of exchange. A bridge made of similarities.

For me, that place is Florence for reasons that date back to the distant 2005 and my experience taking a summer course there. In this episode of Italia a portata di mano, I take you through the similarities among three various points of my cultural heritage: Quebec, Italy (with particular reference to Tuscany), and the France that, I thought, stood between them, but instead, as I learned, joins hands with them in a full circle. We’ll talk about music, poetry, food, Catholicism, Romance languages, and much more. There’s plenty to discuss on this topic, so if I’ve left something out, don’t be shy to let me know! Leave us a comment or send us a note.

Italia a portata di mano ep. 4

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