Sì, Banana, No, Banana


When my parents-in-law were visiting from Italy, they often found themselves dissuading my son from eating yet another banana (No, banana!) or encouraging him to get in his potassium for the day (Sì, banana!). You might be asking yourselves: how old is your son, is he a monkey, and why are you using such rudimentary structures with him? Well, he’s two, no he isn’t (though his behaviour doesn’t always suggest so), and he’s learning two languages at once, with a bit of a third peppered in for good measure. So we are sticking to basics for now. But this “Sì, banana, no banana” business was a great springboard for a fun classroom activity that will work well with kids aged 6 – 10 (so, grades 1 – 5). I tried it out on my mixed-level group at École Augustin Roscelli, and it was a real crowd pleaser. It also helped consolidate demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those in English; questo/quello and all their gendered and numbered iterations in Italian), opposites, numbers and sequencing, use and position of definite and indefinite articles, and, of course, the proper matching in gender and number of all elements in a sentence (article, noun, adjective). What follows is a closer look at the activity and how to employ it in your classrooms.

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