Storie di donne e di pianura, by Annalisa Panati


Lovers of Great Books know Penelope to be a meaningful but secondary figure. When her husband, Ulysses,  is called to war, she spends twenty years faithfully awaiting his return. She promises the suitors pressing to take his place that she will choose one among them to be her new companion just as soon as she has finished weaving a burial shroud for her father-in-law. For three years, she sits at her loom, weaving a cloth she will take apart at the day’s end only to start it anew. No one knows what she sews into that cloth daily. There is no physical object to its testament. No scenes of her struggles and despair. No images of her worries, doubts, and daily stresses. There is no great Greek tapestry. Only the consistent movement of her fingers up and down the loom. Only the blank canvas before her. Where did her stories go?

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