Custom Program

Let us plan the program your school or university needs. Choose the location, dates, budget, and courses for your program, and we take care of the rest.

Program Info

Place Anywhere in Italy (recommended regions: Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto, Sicily)
Date July, August 2019

Program Description

Let us plan the program your school or university needs. Our customized programs allow universities or private entities with specific academic, geographic, budgeting, or scheduling requirements to select program dates, location and core subjects of course offerings. We do the rest, designing content around the selected core subjects, finding accommodations in the chosen destination, securing two meals a day, arranging for health insurance, and planning excursions that fit with both theme and budget. Contact us for more information. NB: Minimum 15 participants required for school groups.


Private groups of 15 or more students may choose their own language or culture course(s) from our proposed list. School groups are welcome to request or provide for a course that ties into their established curriculum.

All 3E courses are interdisciplinary in nature, privileging a dynamic, interactive, and contextualized approach to learning. Students are encouraged to consult our Sample Course Selection to orient themselves with 3E’s scholastic mission and its provisional course offerings.

Each course is keyword searchable and incorporates a minimum of three core disciplines from among the following:

Contemporary Art
Cultural Studies
History of Art
History of Ideas
History of Music
Museum Studies
Political Science

Both language and Italian culture classes are designed and taught by individually selected specialists in Italian studies and take place on the program premises. Course materials (handouts, readings, and course packs) are included in the cost of the program and will be provided daily by instructors and staff members. Classes are capped at 20 students to promote healthy and productive teacher-student interaction.

School groups wishing to provide their own course content are welcome to do so.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are determined by private or school group interest and organized in collaboration with the private or school group leader.


Our custom program offers private and school groups the opportunity to participate in up to four extra-regional group excursions planned by 3E in collaboration with the private or school group leader and in accordance with group interests, budgets, and willingness to travel.  For more information about individual itineraries, send us a message.


Accommodations will be determined by the size and nature of the private or school group and the location selected for its study abroad program. 3E privileges small, family-run eco-tourisms, bed and breakfast facilities, and student residences that offer twenty-four hour service.


Life in residence is a rich and integral part of any 3E program experience. The use of a common room in the student accommodations designated for student meetings and conversation will encourage long-lasting friendships and academic alliances among the young participants.


3E offers a baseline of one meal per day (breakfast) provided by the accommodations facility. Beyond that, private or school groups may opt-into a meal plan that would grant them a second meal per day in collaboration with local restaurants and providers. Students with special dietary needs (celiac, kosher, lactose intolerance) will be accommodated with specialized menu options.

NB: Dietary “preferences” (ie, no fish, dairy, or gluten) will NOT be treated as special dietary needs. Certified medical conditions need be reported to Triple E Travel upon student registration.


Students will travel by air to Italy, by chartered bus to their program location and weekend excursion destinations, and by tramline, private van, or bus within their program destination. (All transportation fees are included in the cost of the program at full package rate).


Triple E Travel guarantees fast and effective medical service at a medical facility for students traveling abroad. (Health insurance may be purchased separately from a recommended service provider).


For more information about our Summer 2019 schedule, please send us a message.