Italia a portata di mano

Episode 2: San Faustino
13 Feb 2019

San Faustino

Everyone is familiar with Valentine’s day and the famous Italian saint behind — if by now far from — it all. But did you know about San Faustino? “Singles’ day” celebrated on February 15th? It’s a kind of IN- YOUR- FACE- VALENTINE’S- DAY- SINGLES- ARE- PEOPLE- TOO movement in part, I think, a reaction to how huge the whole Wedding Industry has become and in other part a way to celebrate being unattached. In a country like Italy, firmly rooted in family values, such an idea is relatively new, so linking it to a saint definitely helps to normalize it.

But is “solitude” a condition felt only by singles? Is it always bad? Is it necessary to fill up the absence of a relationship with friendships and activities? What does it mean to be happy with oneself? Or to be alone without feeling lonely?

In this episode of Italia a portata di mano, we speak with a guest who shares his views on dating and self-appreciation in the modern era. We also take you through the “creation” of the San Faustino holiday, while also talking about the different types of solitudes one might experience, and their effects on physical and mental well-being. We threw a few poems in there, too, for good measure.

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Italia a portata di mano ep.2