Italia a portata di mano

Episode 8: Turismo alternativo
7 Aug 2019

Turismo alternativo – Alternative Toursim in Italy

For a while, home-stays were the new “it” way to travel to a foreign country meaningfully. Then, after a brief discursus into youth hostels, agriturismi were all the rage. Now, alternative tourism has a new and evolved face in Italy, which tries both to be as responsible and authentic as previous versions, and to cater to the expectations of a more modern client.

In this episode of Italia a portata di mano, we talk about three emerging trends in Alternative Tourism in Italy: the “albergo diffuso” model, the borgo fantasma, and the Slow Tourism movement (on the back of the Slow Food movement). In particular, we’ll look at this town in Abruzzo making waves for its drastic revitalization after the decimation or disappearance of 95% of its population in just under a century.

And just in case you’re inspired to undertake a similar enterprise, read up on the castles up for grabs throughout Italy — with one small catch. The truly optimistic will find other success stories here.

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Invito al viaggio – Franco Battiato
Un altro viaggio – J-ax/ Valerio Jovine
Sempre in viaggio – Noemi
Viaggio al centro del mondo – 883
Il viaggio – Gianmaria Testa

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Italia a portata di mano, Episode 8: Turismo alternativo