“Mistakes” is not a word in a teacher’s vocabulary. Teachers see opportunities for learning and improvement. They see “teachable moments”...

Whenever they start a new Italian course, my students ask me the same questions: how do I do well in...

This is a classic role play game - meets card game - meets extended social allegory - meets morality play game for 4-8 players. Each player is assigned a character (il giustiziere mascherato, il medico alato, la creatura della palude, l'assassino cieco) and are given $200.00 to purchase objects that will help them reach their individual goals.

Ferrante delivers here what audiences have come to expect of her -- perhaps a little too much -- in a tale that is at once familiar to readers of the Amica geniale series and an elaboration of topoi left only hinted at there.

As part of a new online course in development aimed at high-end intermediate students of Italian (B2 level), 3E will be adapting Grazzini's stories for learners of Italian as a foreign language and using them to teach (or refresh) the more complicated aspects of Italian grammar.

Foreign language instructors often use recipes in their lesson plans, and with good reason: many difficult structures can be introduced or consolidated via this user-friendly, visually-supported medium.