Adults Course: Ponti

Adults Course: Ponti | TripleETravel

The Italian word “ponte” means bridge, both a physical bridge used to cross over water and a
metaphorical one connecting various disparate elements. This eight-part Italian-language web-
series examines the already extant bridges between Italian contemporary music and its
international influences and counterparts. But it also creates bridges between musical genres
and across artistic disciplines to reveal a complex web of global interactions that enriches every
tradition it involves.

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Ep. 1. “Parla come mangi,” Elio e le storie tese

Ep. 2: Fabrizio de Andrè, "Il gorilla" e George Brassens, "le gorille"

Ep. 3: Morgan, “Se” + Pink Floyd “If”

Ep. 4: Verdena, “Angie,” Rolling Stones, Nirvana e Macbeth

Ep. 5: Zucchero, “Guantanamèra,” La sessiòn cubana

Ep. 6: “Ancora qui”: Elisa, Elio Morricone e lo Spaghetti Western da Sergio Leone a Quentin Tarantino

Ep. 7: Afterhours e Mina: “Dentro Marilyn” e “Tre volte dentro me”

Ep. 8: Nina Zilli, "L'amore è femmina"